Traditional Fairground Hire

From the classic carousel to the Children’s Swing Boat, our range of traditional fairground rides will make sure your event is a hit with everyone. Additional discounts are available when you hire more than one ride, so get in touch today and tell us about your event.


The Carousel is always one of the most popular rides at any funfair. Perfect for kids and parents, this ride is sure to go down well.

Ferris Wheel

This gentle ride is always a hit with families. And known nationwide, this traditional attraction is sure to be the staple of any event.

Helter Skelter

The Helter Skelter has been a classic since its first appearance in 1906. This one is mainly for the kids but will be a popular ride nonetheless.

Coconut Shy

The Coconut Shy is the perfect stall for any event where you’re looking to bring back the traditional funfair feel. Hire for your next event now!

Tin Can Alley

Tin Can Alley is a fairground classic and funfairs wouldn’t be the same without this fantastic game. Available for hire across the UK.

Hook A Duck

Prizes were a bit part of traditional funfairs and the Hook A Duck allows you to bring that original feel into modern events and fairgrounds.

Adult Swing Boats

These funfair classics have been around for some time (all the way back to Victorian times), and it’s easy to see why they’re still popular.

Children’s Swing Boats

The child’s version of the Swing Boats – having this at your event is a no-brainer as it means everyone will be well-accommodated for.

Wave Swinger

Wave Swinger is a thrilling traditional ride that still manages to keep people on the edge of their seats. Suitable for all kinds of event.