Helter Skelter Hire

The Helter Skelter, sometimes known as the Square Tower, is one of the oldest fairground rides available – and is a classic with young kids. Traditional features make for an exciting, immersive experience that’s sure to entertain the little ones, and remains a staple of traditional fairground rides around the UK.
Ferris Wheel Technical Specifications:

  • Helter skelter (square tower)
  • Footprint: 6m x 6m
  • Setup time: 2 hours
  • Passenger limitations: small children accompanied by adult
  • Ride height: 11m

Helter skelter (lighthouse slip)

  • Footprint: 9.8m x 7.3m
  • Setup time: 6 hours
  • Passenger limitations: small children accompanied by adult
  • Ride height: 15.2m

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The Helter Skelter is a wooden slide which resembles a lighthouse, many years ago the ride also went by the name “Lighthouse Slip”. The Helter Skelter is a high standing tower with a spiral slide build around the outside spiraling from top to bottom.

Thrill seekers climb the staircase built within the tower and slide down the outside on a woven mat.

The first recorded Helter Skelter in the UK was located at Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach amusement park in 1906, the ride was designed for maximum visibility with a minimised footprint.

The Helter Skelter tower is made of a wooden and aluminum construction and the slide (chute) being laminated wood. The classic attraction is still popular in amusement parks and traveling funfairs today.