White Knuckle Rides for Hire

Our white knuckle rides will transform your event into a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And whether you’re looking for a standout ride or a full range of funfair attractions, you’ve come to the right place. From the popular reverse bungee to the fantastic freak out ride, we’ve got a wonderful range to hire from.

Freak Out

A popular white knuckle ride, Freak Out does exactly what it says on the tin. Users are swung like a pendulum at breath-taking speeds.

Miami Trip

This fabulous ride has never failed to entertain. Users sit side by side before being moved in a circular motion at high speed and in both directions.


Booster is a typical white knuckle ride that will entertain thrill seekers as well as onlookers. This impressive attraction is a must-have at any event.


This versatile ride is one of the most engaging among modern day funfair attractions. Its variable speeds and movements will please all keen riders.

Mega Spin

The Mega Spin always goes down well at corporate or community events. Its fast-paced action twists, shakes and spins users for a multi-sensational experience.

Top Scan

This ride is as unpredictable as it is fun. Top Scan provides an experience that will spin, rotate and flip users seemingly at random – ideal for thrill seekers.


Capriolo is a suspense ride that slowly builds up tension before swinging at a full 360 degrees. A signature ride at many fairgrounds across the UK.

Reverse Bungee

The Reverse Bungee is often seen at piers and funfairs around the UK. It catapults the users into the air and fits two people, so riders can enjoy this one together.


Superstar combines looping, rotational and different speed functions for an all-round exciting white knuckle ride. Ideal for adrenaline junkies.


Rotor is a unique ride that sees users latched onto the sides of the unit, before being spun around a central point at breath-taking speeds.


SuperBowl is an American-themed ride that families and friends can easily enjoy together. The ride’s comparatively high capacity will suit bigger events.