Too often we’re receiving calls and emails from people saying that a company they’ve booked with has let them down – and they need something quick. While we’d love to jump in and help out, unfortunately we can’t always accommodate those last-minute bookings. But why’s this happening and more importantly, how can you avoid it?

  1. Beware Unrealistic Quotations

You’ve most likely shopped around for the best quote, however, if you’ve received one that’s way below the others then there’s probably something they’re not telling you. A common tactic from these companies is to offer a low quote, charge a small deposit and then fail to turn up on the day – leaving your event ruined and it difficult to get your money back.

  1. Know What To Expect

Don’t just go with the first website you find on Google. Just because a site is shown highly in the search results doesn’t mean it’s legitimate. When you book with us you’ll receive all our safety documents and certifications for the rides you’ve booked – but more importantly, these documents are verifiable with ADIPS (The Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme).

Your booking with us includes risk assessment, ADIPS safety certification, power supplies, trained staff, public liability insurance and a 24-hour point of contact.

  1. Price Considerations

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Cheaper prices will mean substandard rides and may not necessarily meet expectations. The important thing is to ask lots of questions; what’s included in the price? What cover does the booking include? What are you obligations?

Don’t forget, get a signed hire agreement on any bookings you make that outline the supplier’s obligations to you – the customer.

Other things to look out for:

  • Use an established company. Try to avoid companies that use Hotmail or Gmail email addresses, companies without a registered office address or premises, and those that only have a mobile number as their point of contact.
  • Suspiciously low prices will be significantly lower than those you’ve been quoted elsewhere. Due to the variety in quality, theme and size of rides out there, price is a big indicator of how good the service will be.
  • Lack of information. If a supplier can’t offer you assurances about the aesthetic quality of ride, safety inspection certificates and public liability insurance, then there’s a reason to be wary.

If you ever have any questions then please let us know. We’re here to help and ensure your experience is what you plan it to be.