Bring the Magic of Funfair Rides to Your Next Event!

Are you planning an event in the UK and seeking something truly special to captivate your guests? Funfair rides not only add a burst of excitement but also offer a nostalgic touch, perfect for events of all sizes. Discover how Poplar Attractions can transform your event into an unforgettable experience.

Exploring Funfair Ride Options:

  • Traditional Favourites: Delve into the charm of classic funfair rides. The Carousel, with its beautifully crafted horses and enchanting music, and the Dodgems, offering playful collisions and laughter, are perfect for family-friendly events.
  • Modern Thrills: For those seeking adrenaline, the Mega Spin and Superstar provide an electrifying experience. These rides are ideal for thrill-seekers and add a dynamic edge to any event.

Customising Your Funfair Experience:

  • Tailored for All Events: Whether it’s a corporate function, a community festival, or a private celebration, funfair rides can be adapted to fit any scale and audience.
  • Professional Planning Support: The team at Poplar Attractions brings expertise in event planning. They work closely with you to select the best rides for your event’s theme and audience, ensuring a seamless and successful experience.

Safety and Logistics:

  • Ensuring Safety: Learn about the safety measures in place for each ride, ensuring a worry-free experience for all attendees.
  • Logistics Made Easy: Poplar Attractions handles all logistical aspects, from transport and setup to operation and dismantling of the rides.


Incorporating funfair rides into your event is more than just entertainment; it’s about creating lasting memories. With a blend of classic charm and modern excitement, Poplar Attractions is your go-to for elevating any event.

Don’t miss the chance to make your event stand out – get in touch with them today and start planning a truly spectacular occasion​​.

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