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    Traditional Bumper CarsThe Dodgems have proved to be the most consistently successful ride ever since their introduction into the UK in 1928, with a very large amount of patents existing it’s very difficult to pinpoint the origins of the very first Dodgem track.

    We do know that 1928 is when the first Dodgem development was introduced into the UK manufactured from the Lusse Brothers  Auto-Skooter by  Joseph and Robert ‘Ray’ Lusse.

    The Dodgems as we know it consists of a controllable “bumper car”, and electric pick-up points to the net above and the floor below to provide the car with power.

    While the electric car seems like a modern day advancement we’ve actually been driving them around for nearly 100 years! There’s still some dispute over who invented the popular fairground favourite, but with modern design newer versions of the dodgem car are easier to steer than the earlier ones!

    Old or new they still provide fun for all ages and are still the nation’s favourite.