Carousel Photography

Carousels come in different shapes and sizes, so we’ve brought together some of the more traditional carousel rides and modern versions for you to view. If you’re looking for a particular type of carousel then do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We offer plenty of different options, whether you’re hosting a wedding, funfair event or birthday party.

Modern carousels are often referred to as Gallopers, Jumpers, Horseabouts, and Merry-Go-Rounds, although they’re all a variation or synonymous with the traditional carousel.

Modern Carousel Horse
Modern Carousel Tiger Variation
Full Traditional Carousel

We specialise in providing Victorian-style carousels but we have many different types and sizes available.

Carousel at the Beach

The Carousel was not always how you see it today. Make sure you check out our extensive guide to the history of the carousel. We dive deep into how the horses have changed as well as how the “carousel” was the original name for a game which horsemen played in the 12th Century.

Traditionally Painted Carousel Horse

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