Why Hire Funfair Rides for your Wedding in 2023?

Want to bring first-class entertainment to your wedding party?

You can’t go wrong with funfair rides. They have a wide appeal, making them ideal for events like weddings where there’s guests of all ages.

Such rides are brilliant for entertaining kids and teenagers, who easily get bored at this type of celebration. You might also want to include fairground rides which are well-loved by adults so everyone can join in the fun!

Funfair rides make for wonderful photo opportunities. Not only that, their magical qualities reflect that bright, giddy feeling of being in love! Perhaps you and your partner will be the ones to take that first ride on the Ferris wheel or Carousel.

What types of rides can you hire with Poplar Attractions?

From traditional rides like the Waltzer to games like the Coconut Shy and Hook a Duck, we have an excellent choice of entertaining solutions. Whatever the theme of your wedding, we have everything from gentle rides to white knuckle entertainment that gives you an adrenaline rush.

Among our collection are family-friendly classics like Dodgems, the Waltzer, Twister and Helter Skelter. All meet the latest safety standards and are set-up by our dedicated team, who work at events across the UK.

If you’re looking to hire funfair rides for your wedding, simply contact our team to find out more.