Vintage Funfair Hire Packages For Events Across The UK

Once Christmas is over, many people’s spirits do a nosedive. One way to cheer them up in the early months of the year, which are dark and cold, is with a vintage funfair. Bringing bright lights and the sounds of the screams of joy to your celebrations, a funfair is well-loved by people of all ages.

Hire any funfair ride at a competitive price.

A vintage funfair looks amazing on a town green, hotel grounds, and much more. Ever since funfairs first appeared in the 1800s, they’re been brilliant for helping communities bond and to celebrate life’s big events. The first funfair rides were steam powered with the merry-go-round one of the earliest designs available. Back then, they were often run by independent showmen.

Funfair rides have an ability to bring people of all ages together.

From magical carousels and dodgems, to the Twister, Waltzer and Star Flyer, there’s something for everyone among our collections. Hire any of our rides and you can be assured that we meet the highest standards of health and safety.

We have everything from family-friendly rides to those with strong appeal to teenagers and adults. Whether you need one ride or a complete funfair, you can get a quick quotation on our website.

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