Twister Hire Packages for Events Across the UK

The Twister is one of the most well-loved rides and suitable for all types of events. It’s loved by children, teenagers and adults alike.

One reason for this is because it provides a kick of adrenaline without being too intimidating or frightening. It’s often one of the first rides that children get to enjoy once they’re over the age of seven.

Otherwise known as ‘The Scrambler’, ‘The Sizzler’ and ‘Merry Mixer’, The Twister has you suspended spinning in cars experiencing centrifugal force, while spinning along two separate axes. It’s believed the first version of this ride was built in 1938 and the patent for the design filed in 1941.

Our Twister takes around three hours to set up and is ideal for adults who have a height of at least 1 metre. Like all our rides, it adheres to all the latest safety and industry standards.

Hire safe and fun rides at competitive rates.

Whether you need a single ride for a wedding or several fairground rides for a local event, Poplar Attractions makes the hire process extremely easy. Our other family-friendly rides include the Waltzer, Fun House, Dodgems, Crazy Caterpillar, Flying Elephants, Jump N Smile, Star Flyer, Haunted House, Super Bob and many more.

If you’re looking to hire a Twister for your event in the UK, contact our friendly team for more information.