Popular Kids’ Funfair Rides for Hire throughout the UK

Going to the funfair is one of the most magical childhood experiences. It’s also one of the few entertainments that’s just as good in winter. The Victorians not only had a big influence on Christmas as we know it, but they also introduced the funfair.

Perhaps nothing gets us more in the festive mood than a colourful, Victorian funfair.

Lighting up a local green, city or garden, it provides an incandescent experience in winter evenings. Whether you’re organising a Halloween fundraiser, birthday party or local community event, Poplar Events can provide the entertainment you need.

Hire our rides for your event this season and you’ll lift everybody’s spirits.

Whatever the size of your celebration, we have entertainment for people of all ages.

Poplar Attractions has all your favourite kids’ funfair rides to hire at competitive rates. That includes classics like:

● The carousel which is an enchanting experience for any child.
● Ferris wheel for giddily-happy, sky high views across your local area.
● A classic helter skelter that’s ideal for everything from children’s events to graduation balls.
● Tea cups for a gentle but thrilling experience, which is ideal for adorable photo opportunities.
● Our ladybirds ride that’s ideal for toddlers and young children.

If you’re looking to hire kids’ funfair rides in the UK, check out our latest collection today. Or contact our friendly team for more information.