Need to Hire Dodgems from a Reliable Company?

Bring some colour and fun to the darkest winter evening, with our awesome funfair rides.

Whether you’re holding a festival, big birthday party or any outside event, funfair rides provide a bite-sized adrenaline kick for kids, teenagers and adults alike. We have many classic rides including dodgems which are a favourite with all age groups. For many children, it’s their first experience of driving!

Dodgems have been around since the 1920s and are also known as ‘bumper cars’ and ‘dashing cars’. Our dodgems at Poplar Attractions are hired out for everything from weddings and family days to parties, community events and funfairs.

Brightening up even the gloomiest weather, our brightly lit rides will defy the greyest, most disappointing day and makes a great day out for groups of family or friends. Funfairs make chilly winter evenings come alive, helping create atmosphere and instil a sense of energy to proceedings.

With rides to suit every taste and level of bravery, they are excellent for raising money for Christmas charity events.

We also have a brilliant range of rides for children, including Tea Cups, Chair O Planes, Mini Carousel and Toy Set Roundabout.

When you hire rides with Poplar Attractions, you’re guaranteed to have the most reliable service available.

If you’re looking to hire dodgems, why not find out more about Poplar Attractions today?