Need To Hire A Ferris Wheel?

The Ferris wheel is one of the most popular traditional fairground rides. The original version of this ride was called the Chicago wheel and opened to the public in June 1893. They were originally known as ‘pleasure wheels’ and were renamed Ferris wheels after being designed and constructed by George washing Gale Ferris Junior, an American civil engineer.

This is just one of the many traditional rides we have available to hire at Poplar Attractions, a leading rides supplier based in Surrey. Always popular with families, this traditional attraction is ideal or all sorts of events and provides stunning views over the grounds.

Our Ferris Wheel is popular with people of all ages and available to hire for parties, community events, funfairs, weddings and many other events in Surrey and across the UK.

All our rides are kept well maintained and adhere to the strictest safety regulations. Our other traditional rides include carousels, the coconut shy, Helter Skelter, adult or children’s swing boats and wave swingers. You can save money if you hire more than one ride, with excellent discounts.

We have a massive range of equipment to hire, from rides to film and television props, real ice rinks and traditional Victorian funfairs.

If you need to hire traditional rides, simply check out our collection today.