Hire Funfair Rides: Customised Pricing for Unforgettable Events

Bring the magic of the fairground to your event with Poplar Attractions!

Specialising in funfair ride hire, we offer many exhilarating options for any occasion. Whether planning a corporate function, community festival, or private celebration, our bespoke service perfectly fits your event needs.

The Allure of Funfair Rides

Poplar Attractions brings a touch of whimsy and excitement with our diverse range of funfair rides. From the classic Ferris wheel to adrenaline-pumping Booster ride, we have something for everyone. Our rides are not just attractions; they’re experiences that leave lasting impressions.

Customised Solutions for Your Event

Understanding that every event is unique, Poplar Attractions tailors funfair ride selections to match your specific theme and audience. We consider space, event type, and guest demographics to ensure a harmonious blend of entertainment and atmosphere.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

At Poplar Attractions, we pride ourselves on offering competitive and transparent pricing. Factors influencing cost include ride type, hire duration, and installation requirements. We work within your budget to maximise fun and value.

Seamless Experience with Poplar Attractions

Leave the logistics to us. From transport and setup to safety and operation, Poplar Attractions handles every aspect professionally. Our experienced team ensures a smooth, safe, and enjoyable experience for all your guests.


Our track record speaks for itself. Clients rave about the enhanced experience and unforgettable moments created by our funfair rides at their events


Choose Poplar Attractions for an event that stands out. With our tailored funfair ride hire, you’re not just organising an event; you’re crafting memories.

Contact us today for a custom quote, and let the fun begin!