Hire A Twister For Your Event

Want to shake off those January blues in the coming weeks?

The Twister is one of the most popular fairground rides since it appeals to a wide range of age groups. Often otherwise known as ‘The Scrambler’ or ‘Merry Mixer’, it keeps riders suspended in cars as they spin along two separate axis.

The original design appeared in 1938 in Georgia, America. However, the Twister first appeared in the UK in 1959, just in time for the Swinging Sixties!

If you’re looking to hire a Twister for any event, you can rely on Poplar Attractions who offer competitive rates for hiring our rides.

This family ride gives you an adrenaline kick without being too scary! Like all our rides, our Twister is built efficiently and safely, adhering to all safety and industry standards.

Ideal for everything from children’s parties to community events, it will bring fun and energy to your celebration. Our Twister has a capacity of 36 people and takes only 3 hours to set-up.

The Twister is just one of the many fairground rides you can hire with Poplar Attractions. Our family rides also include the Crazy Caterpillar, Dodgems, Flying Elephants, Ghost Train, Star Flyer and Fun House.

If you’re looking to hire fairground rides, simply get in touch today.

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