Hire A Carousel For Your Event

Also known as a merry-go-round, a carousel is one of the most enchanting of all fairground rides. Ideal for children along with adults who are kids at heart, this ride is magical, fun and makes for great photo opportunities.

Incredibly, this type of ride has been around since the 18th century, but its origins go back even further. It remains one a highly popular ride for local events. Perhaps no other ride looks so great in Instagram and Facebook photos!

If you’re looking to hire a carousel for your event, Poplar Attractions has a gentle merry-go-round that is ideal for all sorts of social and community events.

Whether you’re planning an Easter party, a big birthday celebration or wedding, this traditional ride is guaranteed to be popular. Small children must be accompanied by an adult on this ride.

Since it’s popular with all members of the family, this ride is a guaranteed winner. This is just one of the many family rides you can hire on our website. We also have many white knuckle rides that are ideal for adults. Other traditional rides to hire including Ferris wheels, a Helter Skelter, and Coconut Shy.

To hire a carousel for your event, simply get in touch today.

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