Get A Magical Carousel For Your Event With Our Hire Company

January is cold, wet and often an anticlimax after Christmas is over. It’s not for nothing that it’s known as ‘the Monday of months’. Why not lift everyone’s spirits by hiring fairground rides for your event?

Poplar Attractions is a reliable and trusted hire company for family rides, including classics like the carousel. Perfect for social and community events, our bright and colourful carousel provides an unforgettable experience for young children. It also provides plenty of wonderful photo opportunities for adults!

Looking to hire traditional rides for your wedding in 2023?

A carousel is also the ideal centrepiece for wedding celebrations. It will look stunning in your pictures and keep guests of all ages entertained during the after-party.

Since it’s a gentle ride, it can easily be ridden in people’s best outfits and will look amazing on Instagram.

We also have many other classic rides to hire, including our Ferris wheel. This equally iconic ride goes well with the carousel. No matter what type of event you’re planning in the new year, Poplar Rides offer a reliable and trustworthy service. All our rides are regularly safety checked and meet the latest standards.

If you’re looking to hire a carousel for your event, simply contact us for a free quotation.