Do you Need to Hire Children’s Fairground Rides?

Fairground rides should be part of every person’s childhood. Most people remember having great fun on a carousel or teacups when a kid, being waved at by parents as we rode by!

It’s a magical experience that every child relishes, with fairground rides having been continually popular since the Victorian age when they were first invented.

Whether you’re organising a Halloween party, school fair or a fundraising event, Poplar Attractions has all sorts of children’s fairground rides to hire for competitive prices. We offer excellent discounts for anybody looking to hire several rides at once.

Our range includes classic rides like Teacups and Ladybirds Rides to mini bumper cars and themed rides like our Toyset Carousel.

Our rides are both fun and safe and will keep children entertained for hours. We enable you to hire children’s fairground rides suitable for all seasons, from water rides for summer to those suitable for indoor use like our mini bumper cars which are ideal for toddlers and younger children.

Poplar Attractions also have many rides to hire for teenagers and adults.

If you need to hire children’s fairground rides, why not explore our collection today? Or simply get in touch with our friendly team on 0208 935 5703 or email: