Bring Family Fun To Your Event By Hiring A Twister

Hire our twister for your celebration and make your event instantly popular. This ride is one of the most enduringly popular attractions.

This ride does exactly what it says on the tin. Working thanks to the ingenious motion of ‘wheels within wheels’, the ride rotates in one direction, whilst the individual groups of cars rotate in a counter direction. creating a weaving effect.

One reason it’s endured is because it’s reinvented itself for every generation. The Twister is the one you’re most likely to spot at everything from festivals and local fairs to weddings.

Perfect for almost all age groups, the Twister is fast enough to provide an adrenaline rush, but it’s not too scary for those of us who are afraid of white knuckle rides! It’s therefore ideal for young thrill seekers.

Whether you need to hire one ride or an entire fairground, Poplar Attractions has got you covered.

We have a wide selection of other family rides, along with white knuckle rides and those designed for smaller children. Our team offers excellent discounts if you’re hiring multiple rides.

Every single one of our rides has been built efficiently and safely. You can also be assured they adhere to all safety and industry standards.

If you want to hire a twister for your event, please contact our team for more information.